short Questions
1- Equilibrium point nakal k quantity demanded n quantity suppplied nikalni thi
2-wat is BOP??
3- calculation of MM
4- what is difference beteen demand pull and cost pull inflation??
5- ON what basis countries gain from trade??
6- find GNP and NNP ?
7- isocost and budget line......

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RE: ECO401 All Final papers subjective 2011
Q1=Difference between cyclical unemployment and technological unemployment. 3 marks
Q2= Explain the slope of money supply with help of daigram. 5 marks
Q3Differece btw cardinal and ordinal approach of utility? 3 marks
Q4=Explain Engal curve for normal commodity with the help of daigram. 5 marks
Q5=Explain the growth through trade strategy.why it is fail 5 marks
Q6=1 table diya hua tha jis ma gdp find krna tha.5 mark