Q1: Choose the best meaning for each highlighted word. 4
1. Joseph wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle, so he resolved to abstain from high-fat, fast food and sugar-laden sodas.

• Agree to unwillingly
• Give up voluntarily
• Accept without question
• Stain one’s reputation

2: The coach observed his team’s bizarre behavior and concluded that the players were suffering from dehydration.

• Unusual
• A flea market and bake sale
• Appropriate
• Ordinary

3: The Senate hearing committee demanded the corporation’s officers to provide credible documents to explain their unusual accounting procedures.

• Practical
• Praiseworthy
• Believable
• Worthless

4: Usman knew that the reading class would improve his vocabulary and comprehension, thus increasing his chances of success in subsequent college courses.

• Following
• First
• Out of order
• Less important

Q2: Read the following paragraph and find out the Main Idea and Supporting
Details. Suggest a suitable Topic as well.

1. A common man never wants a war and is not even in favour of borders and boundaries.2.He is against prejudices and wants an integrated world. 3.Uncountable marriages among unlike and diverse nationalities and the reactions of people all over the world against US invasion on Afghanistan and Iraq are the symbols of same peace loving, cosmopolitan emotions and mentalities all over the world. 4. But there are groups of a few people present in every country who claim to be sincere with their nations. 5. These so called sincere include passionate political and military leaders. 6. To satisfy their motives they sow the seeds of hatred in the hearts of their nations and then after giving birth to an issue, and by making it crucial and complex, they indulge innocent people in that. 7. Media has provided them an easy way to mislead their people. 8. By using the media machinery they mould the minds of their nation according to their own wish.
Topic: ________________________________________________
Sentence 1: __________________________________________________ ____
Sentence 2: __________________________________________________ ____
Sentence 3: __________________________________________________ ____
Sentence 4: __________________________________________________ ____
Sentence 5: __________________________________________________ ____
Sentence 6: __________________________________________________ ____
Sentence 7: __________________________________________________ ____
Sentence 8: __________________________________________________ ____

Q4: Put the correct form of words given in brackets while using affixes. 5

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1. This word is very difficult to spell, and even worse, it's __________________. (Pronounce)
2. He's lost his book again. I don't know where he has __________________ it this time. (Place)
3. He wants to be a __________________ when he grows up. (Mathematics)
4. I think that you should __________________. It may not be the best thing to do. (Consider)
5. She looked at her __________________ in the mirror. (Reflect)