Totally 55 questions
46 Objectives
3 Questions of 3 Marks
5 Questions of 5 Marks
50 % objective from past papers.

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Briefly describe listening symptoms . 3 Marks

Have you ever experience about the sales –man selling behavior in which he suggest to you to some product to purchase. give example. 3 Marks

Question # 50: What aspects of expectations of customers can have? (3 Marks)
what are the various form latest technology by using we can improve CRM. 5Marks.

You are the manager of the textile mill how can you manage your sales-person to deal with customer in CRM. 5marks

What are the Feature of a good CRM. 5 Marks

One question is about customer retention. 5 Marks.

Discuss the reason detailed due o which customer defect. 5 Marks