Lets see how we can activate the Smart caller tune

Smart Tunes Features
To do any of the following activities on Smart Tune you need to be subscribed to this service.
Pre listening
You can listen to clips of Smart Tunes before you purchase or assign them.This service is available by dialing 230 and the web.
Smart Tune Code
You can view the Smart Tune Codes through which you can purchase the smart tunes by entering the code in IVR by dialing 230 or SMS.
Smart Tune Album
Smart Tunes purchased are saved in your Smart Tune Album which you can access by Dialing 230 or Telenor's website. You can Purchase unlimited number of Smart Tunes which will be automatically saved in your album.
To view your album Go to My Smart Tunes on the home page.
Ring Overlay
Turn ON / OFF ring overlay feature. This feature would play the "TU TU" (normal ringing) in the back ground of the smart tune.
This would help the callers (who are not aware of this service and are calling on a number with Smart Tune active) know that the call is connected along with the number of bells that they have given.
Go to My Settings & click to turn ON/OFF ring over lay on Smart Tune Home Page.

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