Identify the legal status of the following persons according to the Income Tax Ordinance 2001;


1. Virtual University of Pakistan (Company)
2. Bank Al-Falah Ltd. (Banking Company)
3. WAPDA Town Employees Housing Society (Company)
4. Mr. Akhter Ali Sheikh serving as a Manager in Chenab Textile Mills. (Company)
5. Mrs. Batool serving as a Director in ABC Private Ltd. Company (Induvial)
6. Haji Murad Trust Eye Hospital. (Company)
7. Ali Ibrahimís an unregistered firm of Mr. Ali Ahmad and Mr. Ibrahim Butt. (Firm)
8. Mr. Vikaas Bhalla (a Hindu), his sons and Mr. Veer and Mr. Raj (Hindu undivided Family)
9. Ansaar Barni Welfare Trust (Company)
10. Askari Islamic Bank Ltd. (Banking Company)

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