Spring 2009
CS605- Software Engineering II

Time: 120 min
Marks: 70

Question No: 1 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
The purpose of earned value analysis is to

► determine how to compensate developers based on their productivity
► provide a quantitative means of assessing software project progress
► provide a qualitative means of assessing software project progress
► set the price point for a software product based on development effort

Question No: 2 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
The RMMM plan assists the project team in developing strategy for dealing with risk. In this context, an effective strategy must consider:

► Risk avoidance
► Risk monitoring
► Risk management and contingency plan
► All of the given choices

Question No: 3 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
The component-based development model is

► only appropriate for computer hardware design.
► not able to support the development of reusable components.
► dependent on object technologies for support.
► not cost effective by known quantifiable software metrics.

Question No: 4 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
In ___________ representation of CMMI model, consideration is given to improve all the defined processes areas.

► Staged
► Continuous

Question No: 5 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
If you know the relationship between the use cases, classes, GUIs, Test cases and other artifacts then we can say that requirements are traceable in that project.


Question No: 6 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
There could be multiple GUIs to satisfy one requirement


Question No: 7 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
Check in and Check out is actually one and the same process with two different names


Question No: 8 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
If a new version of a product is released by fixing the bugs in the previous release then it is termed as _________________

►Product Update
►Product Upgrade
►Defect Removal
►Product Performance

Question No: 9 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
When an Item is baselined, it becomes frozen, here frozen means, that the item can be changed only by creating an old version


Question No: 10 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
Configuration Item identification involves:

►Identifying the structure of the s/w system
►Uniquely identify individual components
►Uniquely identifying various revisions
►All of the given

Question No: 11 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
Incomplete Configuration identification documents may result in:

►Schedule Product
►all of the given choices are correct
►Defective Product
►Higher Maintenance Costs

Question No: 12 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
If Configuration item identification is not identified, it is possible to control changes and establish records.

► True
► False

Question No: 13 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
Availability and Reliability are concerned with

► Perceived quality
► Quantitatively measured quality

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Question No: 14 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
Software Availability can be calculated by the following equation:

► Availability = (MTTR/MTTF) x 100
► Availability = (MTBF/MTTR) x 100
► Availability = (MTTF/MTBF) x 100
► Availability = (MTBF/MTTF) x 100

Question No: 15 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
Phase Index can be calculated by the help of the following formula, where
Ei the total number of errors uncovered during the ith step in the SE process
Si number of serious errors
Mi number of moderate errors
Ti number of minor errors
PSi product size at the ith step
ws, wm, wt weighting factors for serious, moderate, and minor errors

► PIi = ws(Si/Ei) + wm(Mi/Ei) + wt(Ti/Ei)
► PIi = ws(Si/Ei) + wm(Mi/Mi) + wt(Ti/T)
► PIi = ws(Si/Ei) + wm(Mi/Mi) + wt(Ti/Ei)
► PIi = ws(Si/S) + wm(Mi/M) + wt(Ti/E)

Question No: 16 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
The higher the Error Index, the higher will be the Defect Removal Efficiency

► True
► False

Question No: 17 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
The goal of quality assurance is to provide management with the data needed to determine which software engineers are producing the most defects.

► true
► false

Question No: 18 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
From the following listed software development Model, which one is an object oriented model

► Classical life cycle model
► Fountain model
► Spiral model
► Waterfall model

Question No: 19 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
The prototyping model of software development is

► a reasonable approach when requirements are well defined.
► a useful approach when a customer cannot define requirements clearly.
► the best approach to use for projects with large development teams.
► a risky model that rarely produces a meaningful product.

Question No: 20 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
___________________is a team organization where there is no permanent leader and task coordinators are appointed for short duration. Decisions on problems and approach are made by group consensus and communication among team is horizontal.

► Democratic decentralized (DD)
► Controlled decentralized (CD)
► Synchronous paradigm (SP)
► Controlled centralized (CC)

Question No: 21 ( Marks: 2 )
Discuss the role of program restructuring in software reengineering?

Question No: 22 ( Marks: 2 )
Differentiate Change Control Authority (CCA) and Change Control Board (CCB)?

Question No: 23 ( Marks: 2 )
Give the uses of Time Boxing?

Question No: 24 ( Marks: 3 )
Differentiate between organizational maturity and process area capability?

Question No: 25 ( Marks: 3 )
What would you understand by the conventional numbering of the product release?

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