View Full Version : What is record of rights? discuss the documents which are included in it. (1998)

09-09-2012, 05:24 AM
Q. Define record of rights and what are documents included there in. (2001)(2004)
1. Introduction:
The record of right is maintained in every estate. it provide various information about a particular land. the assessment of land revenue payable, disputes regarding land are determined in the light of record of rights. land revenue presumption of truth attached to the entries in the record of rights.
2. Relevant provisions:
Sections 39, 40 land revenue act 1967.
3. Power of board of revenue:
Where is appears to the board of revenue that record of rights for an estate does not exist, or the existing record of rights for an estate requires special revision, the board of revenue may by notification, direct that a record of rights be made or the record of rights be revised as the case may be.
(i) Effect:
A record of rights made or specially revised for an estate shall be deemed to be the record of rights for that estate, but shall not affect any presumption in favour, of the Govt, which has arisen already from any previous record of rights.
4. Object of record of rights:
The primary object of record of rights is the collection of land revenue from the person who are liable to pay such amount under the land revenue act.
5. Documents included in record of rights:
(i) Register of the names of land owner and tenant:
The record of rights consist of a register containing information as who are the tenants and who are landowner in a estate. it also specified particulars of the rents as profit.
(ii) Jama Bandi:
Jamabandi or register of Haqdarazaminb is an up to date edition of record of right, it is an authentic record of the owners of land within an estate.
(iii) Register regarding liabilities of land owner and tenant and other revenue matters:
A register containing there in information with regard to the liabilities of the land owners and tenant respectively. it also contain information in regard to the quantum of the land revenue rate cesses, and other payments due from the land owners.
(iv) Map of the estate:
Map of the estate is also included in record of rights. it describes the location and measurement of the field.
(v) Statement of customs:
A statement is prepared in which the customs regarding rights and liabilities of the landowner and tenant are mentioned.
(vi) Statement of rights in wells:
In the areas where irrigation is done through wells a statement is prepared in which it is specified the respective rights and obligation of the landowners who can irrigate their land from wells.
(vii) Statement of rights in irrigation:
A statement is prepared in which it is specified that respective rights of the landowners from other source of irrigation.
(viii) Wajib- ul- Arz:
Wajib- ul- Arz is a statement in which customs and administrative position of a village is described.
(ix) Shajira nasab:
It is a statement in which genealogical history of persons belonging to the land is described in detail.
6. Conclusion:
To conclude I can say that record of right is collection of various revenue papers regarding an estate. it is maintained in every village and contains information about revenue matters rent payable, cessess, names of landowner and tenant, their obligation and right etc.