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1. Introduction:
Periodical record of rights is revised edition of the record of rights. it is prepared by patwari after every four years under the order of the collector. it provides up to date information and contains all the changes which have taken place in a estate.
2. Relevant provisions:
Sections 41, 42, 43 land revenue act 1967.
3. Periodical records:
(i) The collector shall casue to be prepared by the patwari of each estate periodically, as the board of revenue may direct, an edition of any records of rights amended in accordance with the provision of this chapter.
(ii) Such edition of the records of rights shall be called periodical record for estate, and shall comprise the statement mentioned in clause (a) of sub- section (2) of section, 39, and such other document, if any, as may be presribed.
(iii) For the preparation of periodicals the collector shall cause to be maintained by the patwari of each estate a right of mutations in prescribed form and other prescribed registers, if any.
4. Documents included in periodical record of rights:
(i) Jamabandi register haqdaran.
(ii) Title page of register haqdaran zamin.
(iii) Genealogical tree.
(iv) Index number
(v) Note of changes in kind of soil.
(vi) Register of haqdaran nakhilstan.
(vii) Statement of distribution of water.
(viii) Statement of rights in water mills.
(ix) Supplementary map.
(x) Fard badar.
(xi)Note of attestation by Kanango.
(xii) Note of attestation by the revenue officer.
(xiii) Final attestation certificate of register haqdaran zaimn.
(xiv) List of revenue assignments and Pensions.
5. Preparation of periodic record:
Periodic is prepared in two parts.
(i) Preparation of part relating to land owner.
(ii) Preparation of part relating to other persons.
I. Preparation of part relating to land owner.
(i) Report to patwari:
Any person being land owner or tenant for a fixed term exceeding one year acquire an estate by.
(i) Inheritance.
(ii) Purchase.
(iii) Gift or.
(iv) Otherwise he shall report to patwari of the estate where he acquired such right.
(ii) Recording report:
Patwari shall record such report in the roznamcha to be maintained in prescribed manner.
(iii) Furnishing a copy of report:
Patwari shall furnish a copy of report free of cost to the person making the report and also send a copy of the report, within a week of its receipt by him to the union committee. town committee, or union council within which the estate is situated.
(iv) Entry in register of mutations:
The patwri shall enter in his register such report which was made to him.
(v) Display of report:
The report has been entered by patwari shall be displayed in such manner as may be prescribed.
(vi) Failure of patwari to record the report:
If the patwari fails to record the report the person concerned may make the report in writing to the revenue officer concerned and Nazim of union council union committee, or town committee in which the estate is situated by registered post acknowledgement due.
(vii) Inquiry by revenue officer:
The revenue officer shall time to time inquire into the correctness of all entries in the register of mutation and the reports which should have been recorded by the patwari.
(a) In case of mutation of inheritance:
In case of acquisition of right by inheritance the revenue office shall inquire who are the legal heirs of the deceased.
(viii) Identification on register of mutation:
Such person whose right has been acquired shall be identified by two respectable person preferably from lambardar or member of the union committee, union council of town committee.
(ix) Order of the revenue officer:
The order shall be made by the revenue officer regarding acquisition of any right, and entry shall be made in the periodical record.
(a) Time period:
The revenue officer shall make order within three months. from the date of entry in the mutation register.
(b) Gist of the order to be send:
The gist of the order by the revenue office shall be send to the person whose right has been acquired and also to the union committee, union council, or town committee in which the estate is situated.
(c) If the order is not made in time:
If the order by the revenue office is not made within 3 months he shall explain the cause of delay to the collector in the prescribed manner.
(d) Nature of inquiry:
PLD 1950 Rev. 1189
The inquiry bey the revenue officer is of summary nature therefore all complicated matters should be left to be decided by a competent court.
II. Preparation of part relating to other persons:
If it is undisputed, it shall be record in the prescribed manner. if it is disputed it will be entered by the patwari in the register of mutation. the revenue officer after hearing the parties concerned passes the necessary order and it is incorporated in the register haqdaran zamin when it is prepared.
6. Remedy open to aggrieved person:
If a person aggrieved or injured by an entry in record of rights or in periodical record of right then he can file a suit for declaration for his right under section 42 of the specific relief act.
Section 53 of land revenue act says
"If any person considers himself to be aggrieved by an entry in the record of right which he already possess, then it is at his option to file a suit of declaration of his right under the provisions as contained in chapter six of the specific relief act 1877".
7. Conclusion:
TO conclude I can say that periodical record of rights is up to date edition of record of right. during a period of four years, changes do occur in the ownership, revenue matters etc. etc., if of the land such changes are mentioned in periodical record of right. it is prepared by patwari under the order of collector of the district.