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09-11-2012, 10:44 PM
Q. What are revenue courts? enumerate and explain any four suits cognizable exclusively by revenue courts. (1998)(2000)(2002)
1. Introduction:
Punjab tenancy act deals with the relationship between the tenant and landlord. the role of revenue officer and revenue courts is very important with regard to tenancy matters.
2. Definition:
According to Sec. 4 (14).
"Revenue officer or revenue court in any provision of this act means a revenue officer or revenue court having authority under this act to discharge the functions of a revenue officer or a revenue court as the case may be, under that provision.
3. Case law:
1981 P. Cr. CJ 55
It was held revenue court is a court which is constituted under Punjab tenancy act only. officer having authority under West Pakistan land revenue act and performing their function there under only "revenue officer and not "revenue courts".
4. Suit cognizable by revenue court:
(i) Suit for enhancement or reduction of rent:
Suit for enhancement or reduction of rent is entertained by the revenue court. it is the discretionary power of the revenue court to determine rent.
(ii) Suit to establish right of occupancy:
Suit to establish right of occupancy by the tenant and by the the landlord is entertained by the revenue court. it can determine the person who has right of occupancy under the tenancy act.
(iii) Suit for ejectment:
Suit for ejectment of the tenant by the landlord is filed in the revenue court. it is the revenue court which considers the grounds for the ejectment of the tenant. if there are sufficient ground than court can make order for the ejectment.
(iv) Suit for recovery of possession:
Suit for recovery of possession is also filed in the revenue court. A tenant who has been wrongfully dispossessed can seek remedy by the revenue court. under Sec. 50 of the tenancy act he can file a suit for the recovery of possession, compensation or occupancy of tenancy.
5. Conclusion:
To conclude I can say that the revenue officer or court discharge their duties in accordance with law. the matter, disputes are divided by such court between the landlord and tenant.