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04-16-2011, 07:11 AM
To create your own website, some simple steps are outlined below.
1. Come up with a domain name
A domain name is similar to a business name. It is what the website will be called (i.e., "myname.com") and it has to be registered before anything else. It is advisable to pick a domain name that is simple, easy to remember, and it should be a direct description of what the website is all about in order for web users to locate it more easily, thereby increasing traffic.

2. Pick a web host
Before you can create your own website, you must pick a web host. A number of web hosting companies offer their services for a very reasonable monthly fee. Basically, a web host will connect your website to the World Wide Web and enabled it to be viewed by everyone in the world, thus making it available for virtually everyone to access it.
3. Create a consistent page design
Designing a web page can be a tricky task. First of all, the pages must reflect the objectives and the intent of the site creator. They can either appear businesslike, corporate, formal, casual, or personal and fancy, depending on the theme they revolve around.

4. Fill in content and upload files
This is one of the most important steps in setting up a functional website. The tone used in web content must be fairly consistent in all of the pages, and it must be written in a way that will encourage viewers to come back and view the site again.

After filling in the contents of the page using commercial web editors or basic HTML language, it is time to upload the files to the web server.

5. Promote
There are countless ways to promote a website. Word of mouth, online ads, forums and social networking sites make this job a lot easier. This is again a very important step. The pages should always be created in a professional and appealing way in order to keep visitors coming back. It is very important that you keep your website regularly updated with fresh and relevant information.

Once you get started you will realize that creating your own website is not only interesting but also a great fun. I personally found that one of the best ways to learn how to make a website is by following a tried and tested method. Make my own website will walk you through the whole process step-by-step with 4 xs easy to follow videos especially created for beginners.


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