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05-09-2011, 08:24 PM
Trusted Website Protection seal
Increased customer confidence leads to increased revenue. When your customers see that your site is backed with daily vulnerability scans, they'll feel more confident visiting and interacting with your site.

Fully automated daily scans with email alerts
With Site Scanner, there's no software to manage and it's easy to set up. Daily scans check for thousands of web-based vulnerabilities; you receive an email alert with a simple scorecard to let you know the severity of the issue: "Critical", "Warning" or "Informational".

Don't let vulnerabilities exploit your visitors
Site Scanner looks for weaknesses on your website that a hacker can use to vandalize your site, steal your customer information and infect your visitors with spyware and viruses. Learn more about common ways a hacker can exploit your site, and your customers.

Make certain you're not blacklisted by Google
Google is constantly on the lookout for websites with suspicious activity. If it appears that your website may be spreading malware or viruses even inadvertently Google will ban your site and it won't appear when searched. Site Scanner looks for these vulnerabilities before they happen and does a daily check against the Google Safe Browsing list to make sure your site hasn't been blacklisted.

Quick view dashboard & reporting
Monitor the results and improve your site's security with an easy-to-read dashboard. Quickly see if any issues exist and get a detailed report on what they are, where they are, their threat level and suggestions on how to fix them.

Hotline support from security experts
Go Daddy provides world-class service by security experts. Use the online dashboard for help and information about IT security best practices. Get direct access to expert support through our security hotline at no additional